morning runs, starting over?

I didn’t do so well running last week. Life just happened, and the result was only one half-hearted run. Doesn’t feel very impressive, after a couple of good weeks earlier this month. 

Last night, a friend challenged me to run today. Actually, I guess, we kind of challenged each other. She’s also getting back into running after a few off weeks, and I suppose we both needed the push. 

For my friend, mornings are the time when running best fits into her schedule. In a moment of greater-than-usual insanity, I volunteered to run at the same time she did, in the morning. 


I am NOT a morning person. I was the college student who avoided taking classes that started before 9:00. (I nearly graduated without any 8am classes – until a teacher changed the time of a required class to 8am at the last second before my final semester.) Now I’m the self-employed writer who freely admits to doing some of my best work between midnight and 4am. Before today, I have actively avoided morning runs, only making exceptions for races. 

I set my alarm but, I will confess, my morning run was not as early as I’d planned. I didn’t leave until 8am. Still, I was getting out and running before noon šŸ™‚ and I’m pleased with that. 

The weather was gorgeous – around 60 degrees. That alone was a good incentive for running in the morning! The run itself was hard – not a huge surprise, given how little I’ve run in the past couple of weeks, but still mildly discouraging. I pushed through the first mile, but I never was able to find my rhythm. In fact, with only a half mile left, I gave in to my tired legs and powerwalked for a stretch. Frustrating!

It was done, though, and that’s worth something. Maybe morning runs will also be a tool in my running strategy. 

By the way – we’re puppy sitting again. When I got home, Sadie insisted on giving me a thorough cleaning: 


Happy running!