mid-week long runs and high mileage weeks

I’ve been working on some graphs, trying to visualize my progress as a runner and the effect these high-mileage weeks have had on my training. I can visualize what I’d like to see, but since my computer is not cooperating with me, I don’t have those yet.

I can report that I successfully completed that Thursday run I was wanting last week! 8.37 miles, and it felt GREAT. I was incredibly pleased with finishing this run DURING the week. A quick recap:

    • For the first time, I used squeezable fruit pouches. I was actually very pleased with these as fuel, although I’m still quite unhappy with the bulkiness.
    • I took three pouches: two in a SPIbelt and one in an armband. (I also carried a second armband with my phone. Stylish.) I pushed myself to consume all three pouches, and I actually think it helped to consume more carbs. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how I could carry any more fruit pouches, for any runs that extend longer than ~2 hours.
    • The pureed fruit was (obviously) much more fluid than the fruit snacks, and I needed less water, a surprising (and fascinating) development.
    • I greased up as best as I could: udder cream on my thighs, arms, breasts. Unfortunately, the chafing wounds on my breasts from last week’s long run still reopened, and a new chafing sore appeared on my double-armbanded left arm. Boo. However, I know it would have far worse without the cream!!
    • I saw (and heard) this random gentleman playing bagpipes behind a shopping center. Makes no sense to me, either!


  • Mile 2. See the extra armband?
  • Mile 4. Refilling my water bottle at QT. 
    • Mile 6:

After the run, I had evening plans, and I admit I was pretty stiff and slow. My body was still recovering from the trauma! It was worth it, though. My legs loosened up after a couple of hours, and I felt fantastic that I had done it.

One slightly surprising discovery: I slept HARD on Thursday night/Friday morning. When I fell into bed that night, I could barely keep my eyes open and I nodded off quickly. I awoke feeling surprisingly refreshed on Friday morning – so much so that I immediately noticed how good I felt.

On Friday, because I’m crazy, I decided to run again. This time it was only 3.62 miles and (not surprisingly) a really slow pace- nearly 15:00. Once I was out there, I could tell that my legs were tired. I probably should’ve taken a rest day. 

They’ve been doing utility work in my neighborhood, and I saw this thoroughly random (and fairly deep!) hole in the sidewalk:

I must confess that I had a pretty intense mind-vs-body fight on Saturday. The total of my five runs from Monday through Friday was, again, just shy of 23 miles. Technically, I had just enough time to run three miles or so on Saturday. Even though I’d just run five days without a break, including a long run, it occurred to me that if I ran on Saturday, I would have a 26 mile week. That’s more than 25! That’s more than 23! Wouldn’t that be great?

I was painfully tempted, even though I knew on some level that my body needed to rest. What convinced me was not (as it probably should’ve been) my need to rest, but the knowledge that another run this week could have a very negative effect on making next week another high mileage week.

I’ll update with those graphs as soon as I get them figured out. I’m struggling to visualize my pace vs. mileage. From just glancing at the list of numbers, I think I might see a correlation between an increase in mileage and decrease in pace. I’m not sure, though – that’s why I want to graph it! If I can’t get my computer to behave I’m going to be pulling out a sheet of graphing paper!