unexpected weeks, decreasing mileage

This has not been the week I expected!

It’s been a good week, overall. I ran a fair bit…

…on Monday…



All of these runs were good, solid runs.

On Thursday, I wasn’t able to run. Not a big deal. I figured I could run on Friday and Saturday, and still put in a solid mileage for the week.

Then Life Happened. I woke up around 2am Thursday night/Friday morning, feeling like crap, and I discovered that I’d started my period. This was normal, but also not something I’d anticipated in my running plans.

I slept horribly last night. Horribly. Accordingly, I felt horrible this morning. I dragged myself out of bed, and the LAST thing I wanted to today was run.

And I was reminded of the struggle I’ve had with this blog, and with my running life in general. You see, running is a huge part of my life. I love running, and I intend to continue running for the rest of my life.

But running isn’t the only thing I love. I have other hobbies. I work. Much as I enjoy running, I can only devote a limited number of hours per week to it. I am not a fast runner, I never will be a fast runner… and the truth is, my distance runs are, objectively, not very far.

Most running blogs star people who, like me, love running… but who allow running to take over their life. They seem to do nothing but run and blog. They run hundreds of miles per week and eat marathons for dessert. They spend a fair amount of money on running clothes and accessories (unless they receive free swag from sporting goods companies for reviews!). They’re always training for another race.

I’m somewhere in between these running superstars and the rest of the world. I run a lot, but not hundreds of miles per month. I love running, but it’s far from the only thing in my life. I was making myself crazy with frequent races, so I cut back significantly. Because of that, I have a great deal of flexibility in my training, and I’m not afraid to let life circumstances change a day’s run.

Today, after a poor night’s sleep and a fair amount of cramping, I decided not to run at all… and I gotta tell you, I’m feeling awfully relieved. Removing the pressure to run in spite of feeling poorly makes me feel better. It’s just not worth it to give running that much power over me.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I’m honestly not sure if I’ll run or how far. I’m a tiny bit disappointed that I won’t be accomplishing another 23-mile week, but I’m far more relieved that I’m allowing myself to take a break.