low mileage week, amazing pace, independence half marathon

Aaaannnndddd this is life…

I went for a run on Monday. It was awesome.  

 Then my world filled up on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I’m not at all complaining. I had a lot of fun – but it was all non-running-related activities. Babysitting (for friends AND for neighbors), visiting the zoo (with friends), helping friends… and work of course.

So this will be a lower mileage week, of course. I made up for that today with a run that was AWESOME. Seriously.

 I only ran 3.6 miles but I was averaging just under a 12:00 pace. Which, for me, is absolutely beyond awesome. In fact, by my figures, I ran 5k in 37:12, which beats my best-ever 5k time! And let me tell you, it felt GREAT!

I’m nursing a slight injury this week. Unfortunately, I didn’t acquire it through any respectable or even sports-related methods. I slept on my shoulder wrong, and doggonit, it hurts!

I got an email this week advertising the inaugural Independence Half Marathon, which is coming up this spring. I know I’ve cut way back on races, and especially races longer than 5k – I haven’t run anything longer than that since 2012. But I’m awfully tempted to sign up for this race! It’s a smaller race, so the race fees are lower. It’s pretty close to my house – close enough, in fact, that I could do some of my training on the planned race route. I’m already at a place where I can run eight miles nonstop, with minimal trouble, so it wouldn’t require too much additional training to get myself to half-marathon level. And did I mention it’s close to my house?

There are some cons, of course. It’s on a Sunday. I’ve never run a Sunday race before. Most of my friends will be at church, so I won’t have a very big “cheering section”, if I have one at all. For all intents and purposes, I will be on my own. I still haven’t perfected my fueling strategies – far from it – so those last 4 or 5 miles could be pretty brutal.

The biggest factor, I think, is confidence. On some level, I’ve hesitated to sign up for another half-marathon because I’m not sure if I can get a sub-3:00:00 time. I’m pretty confident that I can beat my PR of 3:16, but not sure if I can get under 3:00:00. My inner cheapskate says that I shouldn’t invest the time and money into a half marathon if I can’t get under 3:00:00 – and my pride tells me I shouldn’t try if I can’t get under 3:00:00.

Having an awesome run today doesn’t make the decision any easier. If I’d had a terrible run, I might have decided against the race and put it out of my mind. Instead, I can’t help but wonder if I should try it. I wonder if I could hold this pace. Maybe.

If I sign up by Monday, the race fees will only cost $39… which is pretty awesome for a half marathon. After Monday, the fee will go up to $49 through January 5, which is still pretty good, and gives me a good long time to think about it. Such choices…