3.6 chilly miles

3.63 chilly miles today. The thermometer read 44 degrees Fahrenheit, so I wore long sleeves and shorts… I didn’t realize there was brisk, cold wind. It felt more like 30-35 degrees! Brrrr!!!

Seems like winter is here to stay. Yesterday was the last day of a five-day-long rainstorm… nonstop cold, wet, and dreary. Temps hovered just above freezing. I’m digging out my winter clothes from under the beds and in the back of the closets, and far too often I still feel cold. 

It’s affected my running more than I’d like. Between the weather and just general life stuff, I haven’t maintained a very good training schedule. I’m still running, but it’s only been once or twice a week most of the time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back up over 20 miles during that last month or two before my big race.

I made the observation that, when the weather is cold, I seem to unconsciously increase my running pace. I don’t set out to run faster, but during the winter, more often than not I do. Of course, during today’s run, my pace was all over the place – fast, slower, faster. Still overall faster than I would’ve expected though!