two weeks!

Can you believe I didn’t run at all for almost TWO WEEKS?

I know- crazy! At least for me… for the past five years, I’ve been running, consistently, at least a couple times per week. But life happens – my sister was visiting for Christmastime, plus opportunities to spend time with other friends and family.

Yesterday, though, I (finally!) ran:


 Man oh man, it felt good. I forget what a big role running plays in my mental health. Even if I get nothing else done, on the days when I run, it feels like a good day. Plus there’s the feeling of the wind on my cool skin, or the sound of my breath- just incredible! (Can you believe I actually enjoy the sound of my breath now?! What a change!)

I ran again today:


Both days, the temperature was just above freezing (about 34 degrees Fahrenheit), and I wore shorts. Yes, it was crazy, but it felt good.

Here’s hoping I can continue running pretty frequently – I have to get myself ready for my spring half-marathon!