Rain Power!!

This has been a surprising (and surprisingly good) day.

I worked in the morning, went out to lunch with a friend, and did some shopping with that friend- nothing spectacular, but it was fun and enjoyable. It was raining off and on all day, and I had one eye on the weather. Last night, I was thinking I might try a run today, but once I saw the rain I was not feeling as certain.

I came home, looked at my schedule, and realized I still had a free hour in my schedule…

…so I ran! It was about 40 degrees, so I wore long sleeves with shorts. No gloves, incidentally – I thought about it, but then decided it wasn’t quite cool enough. I also lubed myself liberally, since it was raining and I wasn’t sure how wet I would become. (Lubed, slippery toes inside socks and shoes feel a little trippy!)

I didn’t have any particular goals for this run, but to my surprise, I had a fantastic pace – not quite a PR, but very nearly. I’m not sure if it was the rain or the chill in the air or just that I happened to be in a good mood. 3.6 miles total, average pace of 12:19. That’s perhaps the second or third fastest 5k I’ve ever run!