6.3 miles, 20 degrees, 100% crazy

And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Winter definitely came in with a roar. Today’s high was, I believe, 21 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s just about the coldest it’s been this season. It was dry, though, with no snow or ice to cause problems.

Perfect weather for a run! I bundled up tightly this afternoon, when the thermometer read 19 degrees. From the top down, I wore:

-a stocking cap and sunglasses
-sportsbra and tank top under a long sleeved shirt
-leggings and a pair of shorts
-socks and shoes

Yes, I wore long pants. 😉 One brush with frostbite, and my family’s now very particular about long pants when it’s below freezing! (I will admit, I appreciated the extra layer. It was pretty cold today!)

I was hoping to run long(ish), though I promised my parents that I would turn around if it was too cold. (They worry about me. Isn’t that sweet?) The first mile felt pretty good. I felt a little creaky, pretty normal for the first mile of a run. I had to find my rhythm. It was cool outside but not bad at all.

The second mile was downhill, which made it pretty easy also. I got some text messages on my phone, which was a little distracting (I was eager to get to the 2-mile mark, where I would allow myself to stop and read those text messages) but not bad.

The third mile was when I really found my groove. I was pounding down the path and just feeling great. No other way to put it.


 Then I reached the halfway point of the run and turned around…


There was a slight wind today, perhaps 15mph. Most of the time, 15mph winds are barely a speed bump to me. It doesn’t slow me down significantly. Today, though, the wind was COLD, and I hadn’t realized that I’d been running with the wind at my back.

When I turned around, the wind was in my face, and it was COLD. No other words for it! Even with my head down, my exposed face was cold. At this point, I confess, I questioned the wisdom of my run.  Maybe it WAS a mistake to be out here running inn 20 degree weather…

But I was 3 miles from home, so I didn’t have much choice but to keep running. When I got to the end of the 4th mile, the road curved slightly, and the wind improved slightly. It was still cold but not as bad. The 5th mile was mostly uphill, so I had to mentally push myself a LOT.

The 6th mile was mostly flat, so I dug down and sprinted as much as I could at this point. I managed to knock a few more seconds off my pace.

Total: 6.3 miles, 1:25:46, average pace 13:35. Pace was definitely faster than I expected.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and will definitely be an “off” day for me. I also have to attend an all-day meeting on Monday so I won’t be able to run then. Tuesday is still up in the air, but my (chilly) fingers are crossed!