Leprechaun Lane 5k, 10 mile runs

On March 5, I ran the Leprechaun Lane 5k with my best friend, Theresa.

It was a small race, but awesome. My legs were really working that day. I ran faster than Theresa in this race, which made me feel a little bad. Theresa has been running much longer than I, and she’s had a lot of coaching. She’s an amazing runner, and I never imagined I would ever run faster than her. But she assured me that she hasn’t been running much in her recent training (she’s spent more time on the bike lately), and she didn’t expect a great time for this race.
Since she was just a little bit behind me, Theresa watched my style as compared to other runners. It wasn’t a terribly hilly race, but there were a few decent inclines. Theresa later told me that she was really impressed with my consistency on the hills – I kept running, while many of the people around me slowed to a walk. Funny, since I don’t much like hills and I don’t consider myself a great hill runner!

My chip time was 34:22.8, which is all kinds of PR for me!! Not just a race PR, but an all-time PR.

Outside of the races, I’m still putting in the miles most days every week. I’ve been running 12-13 miles over the course of 3-5 runs during the week, and 10 miles on my weekend long runs. It’s been HARD, but incredibly rewarding.  

I stop at a QuikTrip for a drink of water during my run, which has worked out surprisingly well. Even if I’ve forgotten my water bottle, they still let me get a drink without charging me. Now, I don’t drink a ton of water during my runs, but it’s still a really kind thing that they don’t have to do. I try to give them lots of business when I’m not running (buying gas, fountain drinks, candy) because of that.

These are the Musselman’s Honey Cinnamon applesauce squeezeable pouches. They’re fantastic. I can buy 4 pouches for about $2. It also doesn’t require any chewing, which is pretty critical during my runs!

I’m amazed that I’ve managed to do 10 miles at a 12:42 pace, and I feel good enough at the end that I could keep going. It’s exciting and nervewracking. I have just over a month to my half-marathon, and 12:42 is a great pace right now.

I’ve been reminded in the past couple of weeks how much I need running – not for health reasons, but to keep my sanity. I’ve found that running is one of the few times in my life when I can have privacy. I live with my parents, an arrangement that we all find beneficial, but I’m virtually never home alone. Running has given me the space to figure out plenty of situations in my life.

I won’t lie, I’ve shed plenty of tears during my runs. I wear sunglasses, and if I need to cry, I do. My eyes are hidden, and any sobs are pretty well concealed by my heavy breathing, so I’m not concerned about my neighbors seeing anything.

I have a 5k in mid-April, then the half-marathon on May 1. Exciting!!!