when it feels good to be bad

I haven’t run in a few days. Since last Wednesday, to be precise.

I know that’s a little surprising, given that I have just over one month before I run the Independence Half Marathon, and in general my running was going really well. When I started my period last week (two weeks late!), though, I decided it was a good excuse to take a few days off. I was surprised by how mentally relieved I felt. Unintentionally, I’ve reminded myself that I need to take an occasional break mentally, as well as physically.

This break coincided nicely with a slight mileage taper. I ran a 10 miles on April 12 and 19, and about 25 miles each week. I was already planning to cut back on my April 26 long run. I had a couple of non-running events planned for that weekend. Perhaps more importantly, I figured that I want to run 12 miles on April 2 (this weekend). Rather than push myself longer every weekend (and risk injury!), I planned to cut back last weekend.

That 12-mile run will be my longest run before the race. For most of the month of April, I will be tapering up to the big race. I’ll continue running consistently, but I’ll be limiting my long runs to 6 or 8 miles.

And if this 12 mile run goes well… and if the race goes well… who knows? I may sign up for a full marathon soon.