ready? Maybe…

T minus 3 days to my race.

I have been feeling oddly relaxed about it. It doesn’t even seem real. That’s a good thing, though – anything that decreases my anxiety is good. I suppose it helps that I’ve had oodles of work this week, and a big deadline. I haven’t had much space in my head to think about the race.

I ran on Tuesday, 3.7 miles, and had a really surprisingly strong pace. I planned to run on Wednesday, but a storm prevented that run. I decided maybe that’s a good thing, because I can focus on that strong 3.7 miles. I’m at a point where there’s absolutely nothing I can do to improve my race. My body is as strong as it will be, and it’s strong enough.

As long as I do not get injured again, I’m confident that I will finish the race, and I do not think that’s likely (knock on wood). My knee has plenty of range-of-motion to run. It still hurts if try to bend it beyond 45 degrees or so – an extreme bend, like if I was to sit on my heels – but I don’t plan to do that during the race, of course! I still have a funny feeling like I’ve got a knot in the top of my calf muscle, just below the knee, but I can’t get it out with the foam roller. In fact, my legs feel a bit tired when I’m resting. But that feeling goes away when I run.

Tonight, I drove my race route – something I have never before been able to do! I’ve trained on several parts of this race route before, so I’m familiar with these roads. It’s a beautiful area, very flat. It should be a fantastic race.

Now, as I am constantly reminding myself- I am ready. I am familiar with this race route. I know I am strong enough.