2017: Wienermobiles, Jelly Bellies, and the adventure continues…

2017 is begging me to maintain this blog more regularly.

As far as running, 2016 ended on a down note. December was a busy month, and life just kept me away from my running shoes.

I did receive a Fitbit for Christmas, though, and that’s been a lot of fun. It’s been surprising and enjoyable to learn about my movements throughout the day and how running affects those. I also adjusted the way that I’m recording my runs – away from Nike+ and toward Runkeeper, as well as SmashRun and Tapiriik, which work better with the Fitbit. I’m adjusting the sidebars on this website to better represent that.

January perked up. I wasn’t running long (at least not at first), but I was running. I ran at night, and even on a few cold days (in temperatures around 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit).



At the very end of January, I resumed my long runs. On a particular 8.5-mile run, I encountered something I’d definitely never seen on a run before…

…the Wienermobile!

That was a fun interruption. I got photos with the Wienermobile, and even got to go for a ride.









Just a few days later, I was out on an otherwise ordinary run when I saw flashing lights and this:

A housefire! I was surprised by how quickly it erupted – I’d passed the same house about eight minutes earlier and seen nothing amiss. I later learned the fire was started (accidentally) by a cousin who was working on a car in the garage.


For a scary-looking fire, the fire department had it quickly contained. No one was hurt. The pet dog was removed from the house, safely. The attached garage was badly damaged, and of course there was smoke damage, but the house was badly damaged overall.

I kept running. I was passed by a couple of police chases. The weather has been unseasonably warm, and I’ve enjoyed that.

I received another gift for Christmas which I got to try out just before Valentine’s day.

These Sport Beans are infused with electrolytes, vitamins, and carbs to fuel athletes. I am incredibly cautious, and I don’t think I would’ve bought these for myself, but I received three packets as a gift for Christmas. I took two packets out for an 8.5-mile run, and I was AMAZED by how well it went!

I felt strong, and that was a huge triumph for me. I was hydrated and fueled. With just the two small packets, I felt like I could keep going for a long time. That’s a breakthrough, and I’m planning to buy more through Amazon!

It was a short-lived breakthough, unfortunately. On the day after Valentine’s day, I became sick. Really sick. I’m still not sure what I had, but it was nasty. It was like a bad flu with bronchitis at the same time. I ran a high fever (102 degrees) for a day and a half, with chills, exhaustion, vomiting, coughing, runny nose, headache, and shortness of breath. It was a bad time.

Even now, I’m not back to running. That illness seemed to suck all the energy out of my body, and while the worst is over, I don’t feel nearly strong enough to run yet. The weather has yo-yo’ed between unseasonably warm and miserably cool. For the time being, running is not a priority.

That’s okay, though. I’ll get back into it as soon as I can. Maybe next week. Until then!