Happy Birthdays and Half Marathons

T minus 10 hours.

I feel like there’s so much I need to catch up on, but I know I’ll never blog if I wait until I have time. 

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. It was an amazing day. Dinner at Joe’s KC and birthday cake with my friends. 

Tomorrow morning I’m running the Independence Half Marathon. My training has gone well. Not over-the-top amazing, but well. Optimistic me is hoping for a PR, something under 3:13. Realistic me knows that 3:30 would be a very reasonable achievement. 

My nerves are okay. I remind myself – constantly! – that however I run will be great. I know I can run, and I will do my best, and that will be enough.

I picked up my tshirt, race bib, and chip timer today. 

Now breathe. Just breathe….