Running is breathing.

Running is the thing that makes me feel alive. Bizarrely, I am never more relaxed than when I run. Running makes me feel strong and confident and alive.

I didn’t take running seriously until I was an adult. My journey to running was unexpected, to say the least. At the age of 17, I suffered a traumatic brain injury and nearly died. At 23, I graduated college, became a teacher, and moved to West Africa. At 24, I returned to the United States and became a freelance writer. Each of those was an adventure worthy of a book.

I began running in 2010, at the age of 27. One mile became 5k, 5k became 10k, and 10k became a half marathon. I’m now looking toward running a full marathon.

I began this website soon after I began running. I’ve been a writer much longer than I’ve been a runner, and writing was natural. I feel like such an unlikely runner that it seems necessary to document this journey.

You can find my professional writing website at melindamusil.com.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. ThereSheRuns – I was researching T-Tapp and came across your site. I can’t believe the haters that have made rude comments on that thread. They are not runners and have no clue. They should have read this “I run because it makes me feel confident and strong and alive. I run because it calms me after a stressful day. I run because I can.” I am the leader in women’s running groups and guess what? These words are us. Keep it up sister!

    1. I agree with V. I am a “T-tapper”, and was idlely surfing for information when I came across your blog. We are all so judgmental! What we would never say to someone’s face because it would be rude and inconsiderate, we will post on social media. Cowardly and ugly comments. You seem like a well-adjusted young woman who with the love and support of your family has persevered despite overwhelming odds. I admire you! Keep running and keep smiling!

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