Today I learned that a school in the UK has chosen to ban triangular-shaped flapjacks (you know, British pancakes). We are now sliding down a slippery slope. First they ban triangular pancakes. Then they ban square or circular pancakes. It won’t be long before they’ve banned pancakes entirely!

It is urgent that you join me in this battle! Take up your spatulas! Quickly now – eat pancakes!!

Jogger Describes Vicious Dog Attack

Scary. Seriously frightening. I know most of the dogs in my neighborhood- I’ve run past their houses enough that I know which houses have dogs, and also which houses do not keep those dogs on a chain or behind a fence. So far, the dogs have all seemed pretty tame. They may want to play with me or run with me, but none have gone all out and attacked me. I sure hope I can keep it that way.

Jogger Describes Vicious Dog Attack – Local News – Kansas City, MO – msnbc.com.

the no-poo movement

Today while I was sorting through my RSS reader, I came across this post about the “no-poo” movement. For those who don’t know, that is short for the no shampoo movement. Specifically, this blogger is talking about the “curly girl movement“. The whole idea is that shampoo is full of harsh and hazardous chemicals that strip our hair of essential oils, and if we allow our hair to take care of itself, it will.

These people must not be runners. I understand taking care of our bodies and taking care of the environment and so on, but when I finish a hard run, I am so covered in sweat and dirt that I almost welcome some harsh chemicals. NO WAY I could bypass the soap or shampoo!

Serious injuries triple for headphone-wearing pedestrians

I’m not a trail runner, and I often listen to my mp3 player while running, so I suppose I would qualify as one of these “pedestrians”.

But, I think it’s important to recognize the benefit before we count the cost. Listening to headphones slightly increases my risk of injury- that’s the cost. However, listening to headphones gets me outside, exercising, and getting healthier- and that’s a HUGE benefit.

Serious injuries triple for headphone-wearing pedestrians | Fox News.