challenging run

Today’s run was only so so. Running is soooo mental. At about the five-minute mark (ten minutes if you count the warm up), my body just screams at me to slow down. My muscles are tired (though not overly so) and my heart and lungs are working hard. Surely all the other runners out there can relate to this. At that point it’s just totally mental! It’s your mind choosing to run even though your body doesn’t want to.

I have never been a runner. In school, I was the kid who finished last, who was picked last, who was the least athletic of the class. I was NOT the kid who played a sport or who did anything athletic whatsoever. So it’s just this huge wall for me to get over. It’s so hard for me to push through that, and so far I haven’t succeeded too often. It feels good when I do but it hasn’t happened much. Yet.

Today I maxed out at 5-minute intervals. A good run but much less than two days ago, and much less than I hoped for earlier this week.

thoughts on the pool

Yesterday I swam. 800m, which is about a half mile, which is not bad. Back when I swam daily, I could swim at least double that, but considering it’s been a few months since then, 800m is not bad at all.

About halfway through my swim, two ladies decided to share my lane at the pool. Now I am not at all opposed to sharing lanes. It’s not at all uncommon, since the pool at my gym is relatively small (25m x 3 lanes). But it’s pool etiquette to ask someone before you decide to share lanes with them. (At least TELL them you are there!)

Otherwise you wind up with a scene just like what happened yesterday: I was swimming along, blissfully unaware that I was sharing a lane with two other bodies. At the end of a lane, I tucked, rolled, and kicked off of the wall- a perfect flip turn. (Well, not “perfect”. I’m not a pro. But “perfect” for me.) Anyway, I pushed off of the wall- and my head butted right into what I think was a hip.

Now I was irritated, because my lovely workout had been disturbed, and they were irritated because one of them had been head-butted. See? If you’d only asked, I would have known that you were there and I would not have head-butted you!

When I finished my workout, I was sitting on the edge of the pool catching my breath, and these ladies started complaining about how they wish they could swim, except it’s so hard for them because they can’t get their hair wet, but gee if they just knew how to swim it would be SUCH a better workout than leisurely walking up and down the length of the pool.

All I can say is, buy yourself a bottle of conditioner and shut up! Everything I know about swimming, I learned from practice. I’ve never been on a swim team. My only “coaching” consists of a few swim lessons when I was a kid. I firmly believe that anyone who is willing to get wet- and I mean all the way wet, wet hair, wet body, everything- can learn to swim.

But if you’re not willing to use the effort necessary to teach yourself to swim, don’t whine about it!

pb: personal best!

I began running about three and a half months ago, with a major break over the summer during a long vacation.

I’ve been blogging for over five years.

It’s only natural that I combine the two.

What better way to begin a blog about running than with a personal best?

Today I ran for 18 minutes at 4.8mph, plus a 5 minute warmup and 7 minute cool down at 3mph (on a treadmill), totaling 30 minutes and almost 2.5 miles.

I have never before in my life run that far or that long.